Part One

As the governorship election in Edo State draws nearer, there is the need for the PDP to really sit down to ensure that it chooses a winning formula and candidate.

Since 2012, the PDP has lost the governorship elections to the ruling party in the state twice. This time around, there is the need to rekindle that winning formula.

From past records of events in Edo state, no opposition party could dislodge a ruling party by fielding a candidate from the same senatorial district with the ruling party.

In 2003, the opposition ANPP fielded Senator Roland Owie against Governor Lucky Igbinedion, all from Edo South. The Opposition lost.

In 2012, PDP in opposition fielded General Charles against Adams Oshiomhole’s second term and in 2016, Pastor Ize-Iyamu against Godwin Obaseki of the ruling party, all from Edo south. The embarrassing loses by the PDP cannot be forgotten. For two terms an Edo South candidate has been fielded in addition to the two terms as Governor under the Lucky Igbinedion/PDP led administration.

The only time power changed hands, was in 2007, when the opposition ACN fielded Adams Oshiomhole from Edo North against the ruling PDP’s Prof. Osunbor from Edo Central.

It is therefore clear, that fielding a candidate from the same senatorial district with the APC come 2020, does not necessarily translate to a win and will not favor the PDP. Besides Edo South has tried twice and not won the election.

Since the governorship candidate of the APC will definitely come from Edo South, no matter who they decide on, the PDP should pick its candidate from Edo Central and in my opinion Engr. Gideon Ikhine is the best man for the job. You cannot continue to do something the same way all the time and expect different results.

Before we get deceived once more by the unproven voting population of Edo South against other senatorial districts, go and check the statistics of votes from the last governorship elections in Edo state. Bulk of the winning votes came from Edo North. The South is a cosmopolitan city with different tribes. They don’t vote one way. The number of Esan people and other tribes make up about 70% of the voting population in Edo South. Unlike Edo Central that votes one way.

A change of formula will favor the PDP in this election. A PDP candidate from Edo Central Senatorial District like Engr. Gideon Ikhine will sweep the polls against a candidate of the APC from Edo South.

To be continued…

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