EDO 2020: Restoration Goodwill Message

EDO 2020: Restoration Goodwill Message

A New Dawn of Possibilities – A REALITY.

My prayers and best wishes are with you in 2020. Be rest assured that Light will triumph over darkness and the shackles of oppression will be broken to liberate all Edo Sons & Daughters from the nightmare that has held us down over the years.

The Edo 2020 Restoration Team firmly believes that our Divine Mandate to liberate the State from the grip of Oppression is a Possiblity that will be fully REALISED this year.

Everyone’s focus should be on our primary assignment in 2020: that is to win the Edo 2020 Governorship Election through a democratic process that will be embraced by all.

We are not under any illusion about the enormous task that will be required to achieve this goal. It will require our collective will as a Party & People to stay FOCUSED, DISCIPLINED, and above all, we must be ready to make SACRIFICES in ensuring that the right things are done honestly without compromising the Values of our Party and the Trust of the People of Edo State.

We have visited and engaged the Leadership of the Party in the 192 Wards of Edo State, and one of the greatest revelation is the overwhelming support base of PDP across the State, but unfortunately their confidence in the Electoral process has been eroded through successive rigging and not making their votes count in most elections.

The reason for this is not far fetched: when Leadership has nothing to offer the people, they try to become dictators by imposition of their will and ideas, hence rigging and disenfranchising the people (i.e. denying them their right to choose their true representation).
Our State tours to various Wards further revealed the abysmal failure in various key sectors of the State such as; Shelter, Health, Education, Agriculture & Employment. What the government has succeeded in doing over the years is to build fear & intimidation rather than build values to improve people’s lives: the people have been bullied to accept the fact that election results at the grassroots will not count, hence loss of confidence in both internal & external electoral participation.

2020 shall be a New Dawn in Edo State where the People’s Mandate will count: we have a responsibility to rebuild our people’s confidence in the electoral process, and in our Democracy. We must encourage them and rebuild their confidence to participate in PDP Congress & Primaries; thereby preparing them for the main Governorship Elections.

We should all close ranks and go back to our various Wards & Units to educate our people that their votes will count in the forthcoming Congress, Primaries & the Governorship Election.

We are very optimistic that the Almighty God will answer our prayers and reward our hardwork with outstanding victory, as we approach the home stretch in our bid to transform and liberate the State and its Citizens.

In activating and executing our Divine Mandate in 2019, we did exceptionally well but in the days ahead; more work will be required to confront and extinguish the forces of darkness with a Force of Faith, which is the Light of Truth.

A Press Man once asked us during an interview: “why are we always referring to God”. Our answer is simple: (Psalm 14:1 KJV
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good).
It is very evident that darkness is prevalent and it will take only God to change the equation, and we believe firmly in God’s Ability, hence we have the caption – _In God We Trust._

Everyone in EDO 2020 RESTORATION Team must be ready to work harder in 2020 to make God’s Possibility a Reality in Edo State. Our victory is most assured giving the hunger of the present PDP Leadership to right the wrongs of the past. Everyone of us in the Team must be ready to receive and accept all Party Faithfuls into our fold and be willing to create values for all within the confines of the Party’s Constitution; for the sake of our unity and victory.

  • Our Vision is a Reality
  • Our Hope is a Reality
  • Edo 2020 Restoration a Reality
  • Light over Darkness a Reality
  • PDP Governor a Reality

Once again, welcome to our year of Victory and Reclaiming the Seat of Governor, Edo State!!!

Engr. Gideon Ikhine (FNSE)
Our Beacon of Hope – a Reality

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