Engr Ikhine Engaging with youths

Engr Ikhine Engaging with youths

Engaging with the youth and the upcoming generation of leaders is crucial for understanding their perspectives on leadership and their expectations from us as leaders.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with some bright and talented individuals from Edo State. During the meeting, I shared my vision and plans for transforming Edo State into a destination of first choice for anyone coming to Africa. Additionally, I discussed my plans for the development of the Bini kingdom, as well as initiatives in sectors such as agriculture and transportation.

The interaction allowed me to address their queries on leadership and discuss the challenges they anticipate, particularly in the areas of employment and wealth creation. It was a privilege to take part in a dialogue that delved into the concerns of the younger generation.

I extend my gratitude to these young individuals for generously sharing their time and for believing in my message of hope and prosperity for all Edolites. The exchange was invaluable, providing insights that will contribute to the collective efforts in building a brighter future for Edo State.

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